There was a old story about the frog? They say if you drop a frog into a pot of boiling water that it will immediately jump out, but if you place the frog in a pot at room temperature and gradually raise that temperature, the frog will actually sit there until it boils to death. We are now in this position ,But our Tamil Siddhas even 1500 years ago jump out from the religious pot and show us the real truth ! All of siddhars wanted to subjugate the senses.Winning over the five senses offers an absolute control of the body leading to the control of the wandering mind.One of them refers to the five senses as “five thieves”.The most popular and well known of the siddhar’s is "Pambatti Siddhar" (பாம்பாட்டிச்சித்தர்/the snake character) who may be taken to be a true representation of his tribe. He takes the snake for a symbol to represent the human Soul and uses the expression :"Aadu pampe"(ஆடு பாம்பே/Dance Snake) as a refrain at the end of each stanza of his poem.The poem of this siddhar is in fewer than six hundred lines and deals with philosophic and spiritual matters in the authentic siddhar pattern with great passion.Three of his poems are given below:

Four vedas, six shastras, several treatises on strategies,
Puranas, Agamas espousing arts, Varieties of several other books_ Oh Snake!
Dance! Declaring all these as useless books.--Verse/98 
["சதுர்வேதம் ஆறுவகை சாஸ்தி ரம்பல
தந்திரம் புராணங்கலை சாற்று மாகமம்
விதம்வித மானவான வேறு நூல்களும்
வீணான நூல்களேயென் றாடாய் பாம்பே."]

While the Two gathered mud One built the kiln for ten months.
The kiln, though wonderful, Is not worth a fraction of a coin.
Dance! Oh Snake! Saying this.--Verse/61
["இருவர் மண் சேர்த்திட, ஒருவர் பண்ண
ஈரைந்து மாதமாய் வைத்த சூளை
அருமையாய் இருப்பினும் அந்த சூளை
அரைக் காசுக்கு ஆகாதென்று ஆடுபாம்பே!"]

No one can cook the gourd that is painted on paper.
Likewise despite searching in the eight directions there is no refuge.
They build a temple for every town and pray ceaselessly. But has never seen the Lord’s feet.
Dance! Oh Snake ! Saying this.--Verse/94
["ஏட்டுச்சுரைக் காய்கறிக்கிங் கெய்தி டாதுபோல்
எண்டிசைதி ரிந்துங்கதி யெய்த லிலையே
நாட்டுக்கொரு கோயிற்கட்டி நாளும் பூசித்தே
நாதன்பாதங் காணார்களென் றாடாய் பாம்பே."]

Sivavakkiyar[சிவவாக்கியர்] was another great Tamil Poet/siddhar who lived in the period preceding the 10th Century A.D.He was an early rebel against the Brahmanic order, he was resolutely opposed to the Caste system and was opposed to idol worship and temple ceremonies.Three of his poems are also given below:
Where is the pariah woman?
Where is the high-caste woman?
Are there numbers inscribed on the skin and flesh?
Is the pariah woman’s delight different from that of a the high-caste woman?
Analyse the pariah woman and the high-caste woman in you.-- Verse/39
["பறைச்சியாவது ஏதடா? பணத்தியாவது ஏதடா?
இறைச்சிதோல் எலும்பினும் இலக்கமிட்டு இருக்குதோ?
பறைச்சிபோகம் வேறதோ பணத்திபோகம் வேறதோ?
பறைச்சியும் பணத்தியும் பகுத்துபாரும் உம்முளே!"] 

Drawn milk doesn’t return to the breast.
Churned butter doesn’t return to the butter-milk.
The broken conch’s sound and the beings don’t re-enter the body.
The blossomed flower and the fallen half-ripe fruit never return to the tree.
The dead are never born. Never, never, never.Verse/47
["கறந்தபால் முலைப்புகா, கடைந்தவெண்ணெய் மோர்புகா;
உடைந்துபோன சங்கின்ஓசை உயிர்களும் உடற்புகா;
விரிந்தபூ உதிர்ந்தகாயும் மீண்டுபோய் மரம்புகா;
இறந்தவர் பிறப்பதில்லை இல்லைஇல்லை இல்லையே"]

Where are the temples? Where are the holy ponds?
You loathsome people who worship the temples and ponds! Temples and ponds are in one’s mind.
There is neither creation nor destrution.
Never, never, never.Verse/34
["கோயிலாவது ஏதடா? குளங்களாவது ஏதடா?
கோயிலும் குளங்களும் கும்பிடும் குலாமரே!
கோயிலும் மனத்துளே குளங்களும் மனத்துளே!
ஆவதும் அழிவதும் இல்லைஇல்லை இல்லையே."]

The God or religions are there to make person good human and not the ego centric racist. Every christian or Muslim or hindu should be more acceptable and should be ready to appreciate others religion by visiting each others church mosque and temples.We all believe in one god and its just our way of remembering the Divine power is different. but the bloodshed, hatred and ego shows that there are some loops holes present in the religion and because of this the society is suffering .United we stand, divided we fall, imagine if the World could be one, no Religions, no borders, no wars. The basics all begin at home, if the family can stand as one, that will be the beginning. If brothers & sisters learn to love and live in harmony, that is the beginning.Lets strive for well being, for a beautiful life on this planet. Let's break through the lines of religion, caste, community and even country. lets dissolve the borders. Let us be citizens of this planet. Let us care for this earth.Even Saiva Siddhantam[சைவ சித்தாந்தம்] Philosophy of Tamils is a way of life and This does not advise us to practice anything against nature or interfere with freedom and liberty of people. There is no place for superstitions and blind faith.In the name of God and religion, it does not divide or dissect people.They taught us that "God is LOVE and LOVE is God"  ["அன்பே  சிவம்" "ANBE SIVAM." -"தென்னாடுடைய  சிவனே  போற்றி ; என்னாட்டவர்க்கும்  இறைவ  போற்றி"]Our Saiva view of life is universal even,2000 years ago.Puranaanooru, proclaimed to the whole wide world :"யாதும் ஊரே, யாவரும் கேளீர்"/"every country is my own and all the people are my kinsmen."and there by proclaimed universal peace! 

[Kandiah Thillaivinayagalingam]

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