Faith in God or Gurus:

There was certainly a time in history when the idea of god was needed, a time where humans were first learning to live in groups and communities. As these comminutes flourished,  it was apparent that there was an absence in law and order and an external power was needed to control human behavior.  So the idea of god or a fear of god helped keep people in line to what was then agreed to be an acceptable way of life.  It is true that religions had helped to discipline the people then, but now we have moved on and become a more cultured, educated and civilized society.
Not only have we learned the importance of working together but also that we are responsible for our everyday actions. We no longer need anything or anyone -a god or a guru- to tell us right from wrong or good from bad, any logical person should be able to know the difference. We then pass on our experience and values to our children.
I live without god. (Don’t come and say god still loves me, so what? Why do I need to love him?) I don’t murder, steal or rape, because I know what harm it can cause, not only to the person I am harming but to the human race as well. My actions, good or bad, might influence someone to act in kind; I know I am responsible for my actions.
Humans have passed the point where we need a god or a guru to tell us right from wrong. We are not infants, we can fully understand the repercussion of our actions. We also know that we can’t blame anyone or anything - like god’s plan, the devil, fate, karma etc for our actions and its results.
Praying 100 times or not praying at all will not make any difference in your life!  Both these groups equally experience good and bad moments in their lifetimes. I don’t think the god is going to get influenced by your series of prayers and requests to provide you with those ‘extra favours’ that you are asking from him! Be satisfied with what you have now (or what you are given by your God!) and be happy. Don’t be so greedy by asking your God to fulfill more and more of your never ending desires. Whatever you need, you can create it by willpower and determination and without the assistance from a god.
So, why do we need a god or a guru again? We have common sense, we have knowledge and most importantly we have a moral code of conduct that is relevant in the 21st century. We don’t need a higher being to guide us in this day and age.
If you still think that god controls all and that your destiny is pre determined, then who are you to request or command him on how to do, when to do, where to go and whom to do them to? Just leave him alone, he knows his duty! He is very busy!
With love.

Selvadurai Santhiragasan


  1. Kandiah ThillaivinayagalingamThursday, November 21, 2013

    In my opinion it is a very well written article by "Selvadurai Santhiragasan". What annoys and probably intrigues me is why all these so called believers take offence when their beliefs are questioned. Most, if not all of us are force fed the concept of god, religion, and the suspect practices that come with the package from the time we can walk.One must understand that Faith and disbelief, God and atheism, caste and equality are twin born foes[opponents]. When one is born, the other rises to challenge it. "Selvadurai Santhiragasan" challenge it in his own way in this article.As every one knows,Knowledge progresses with questioning.Our so called Sithars too did the same thing.

    Sithars,Who lived outside the pale of society, asked blunt questions: ‘What is this mantra you mumble within your mouth going round and round a planted stone,offering it flowers? Can a planted stone talk when the Lord is within you? Can the pot and the spoon feel the taste of food cooked in them?”

    “Will the rains fall only for a few and exclude others? Will the winds discriminate against a few? Will the earth refuse to bear the weight of a few? And the sun refuse to shine on some?” asked a latter-day Kapilar in a famous " Akaval" poem too.

    Even Subramania Bharati wrote in his last years that the smritis and the epics are but ‘figments of imagination meant to impart morals as "Selvadurai Santhiragasan" pointed out.

    Vallalar Ramalinga Swamigal’s poems too clearly said that: ‘Let blind custom be buried in the earth’ Yes,We all should joint together to eradicate the religious superstition and allow humanism to flourish in this world.We must create unity among people by inculcating good qualities and thereby creating good human beings. Individual discipline must be developed in everyone.

    Every person has got social duties to perform. They have to be performed properly. Tamil culture advocates that every person must possess concern for the society. “All places are our native; all people are our kin.” The ancient Tamil Sangam literature preached this. Every person has to become a self-thinker like "Selvadurai Santhiragasan"

    We all “Forget god; and Think of Human” from today!

    Besides, studying science, people must develop scientific temper. A teacher who is teaching astronomy in class room is taking divine bath during the period of solar, lunar eclipse by believing that the raghu snake is swallowing either moon or sun. This sort of dubious life is to be avoided!!

    We have to live. We have to allow others to live also. Belief in an obscure and orthodox system never allows one to think innovatively for the betterment of the must be free of the restrictions of thought and act.Religious leaders do not allow their followers to think. There is no freedom of thought. When you are capable of understanding and solving your problems, why do you go to gods and god men asking for a solution? as "Selvadurai Santhiragasan" well said!!!