Origins of Tamils?[Where are Tamil people from?] PART :51

[Compiled by: Kandiah Thillaivinayagalingam]

Life in the Indus Valley between 2500 BC and 1600 BC Fine Art Print by Ron Embleton

"Aided by thee, the thunder-armed, Indra, may we lift up the bolt,
And conquer all our foes in fight".[Book  1/HYMN 8 /3]

"Destroy the fiend shaped like an owl or owlet, destroy him in the form of dog or cuckoo.Destroy him shaped as eagle or as vulture as with a stone, O Indra, crush the demon".[Book  7/HYMN 104 /22]

"At the swift draught the Soma-drinker waxed in might, the Iron One with yellow beard and yellow hair.He, Lord of Tawny Coursers, Lord of fleet-foot Mares, will bear his Bay Steeds safely over all distress".[Book  10/HYMN 96 /8]
"He, self-reliant, mighty and triumphant,
brought low the dear head of the wicked Dasas.
Indra the Vritra-slayer, Fort-destroyer,
scattered the Dasa hosts who dwelt in darkness.
For men hath he created earth and waters,
and ever helped the prayer of him who worships.
To him in might the Gods have ever yielded,
to Indra in the tumult of battle.
When in his arms they laid the bolt,
he slaughtered the Dasyus
and cast down their forts of iron."--[Book2,HYMN 20:6 to 8]

However,We find that On the one hand we have the vast Vedic Literature  without any archaeological finds associated with them and on the other hand,We find that,we have over 2,500 archaeological sites from the Indus-valley civilization,but,without any literature associated with them and synthesising these two is not easy since there are some glaring differences in what is mentioned in Vedas and what it seen on the ground.

Padma Shri  Iravatham Mahadevan, a well-known expert in Indian epigraphy,making a presentation of his latest paper, “Dravidian Proof of the Indus Script via The Rig Veda: A Case Study” at the Roja Muthiah Research Library, he explained with the help of ‘ideograms- a picture or a symbol that represents an idea or a concept-,’ that the “Indus language has been correctly identified” as an early form of the Dravidian script.This Harappan civilization was bigger in extent than either Egypt's or
Sumeria's.It was a literate civilization in communication with Sumeria. After the Aryan invasion,literacy was wiped out,Aryans pushed Dravidians or Indus valley people southward,and the Indus valley settlements were turned into ruins and did not reappear for another 1,000 years or so,when they re appear ,they were sangam tamils of south India.The analytical & chronological description of this civilization is provided by many historions such as:Eraly,2000;Nehru,1946; Sigerist, 1961;Thapar, 1966; Kosambi,2002.

"In aid of Abhyavartin Cayamana, Indra destroyed the seed of Varasikha.
At Hariyupiya he smote the vanguard of the Vrcivans, and the rear fled frighted."-Rig veda VI 27 5

The above clearly reflects the terrible scene of war where the soldiers of Vrichivans were falling before the arrow.This historial war between non-Aryans & Aryans took place at Harapa.It is mentioned that the Aryan confederation of ten kings took place at the Parasuni or the river on which the great city of Harapa was situated.Harapa  was un-doubtedly Hariyupia of the Rig Veda.which was populated by Vrchivatas and was ruled by Varasikha. Abhyavartin Cayamana,one of the descendants of Prithu,wanted to monopolze the commercial activities of Harapa.He sought help from Indra to capture the city,Also we came to know from rig veda VI 27 6& 8["Three thousand, mailed, in quest of fame, together, on the Yavyavati, O much-sought Indra,Vrcivan's sons, falling before the arrow, like bursting vessels went to their destruction."/"Two wagon-teams, with damsels, twenty oxen, O Agni, Abhydvartin Cayamdna,The liberal Sovran, giveth me. This guerdon of Prthu's seed is hard to win from others."]  that Indra sent a force of three thousand mailed soldiers.Victory ultimately garlanded Abhyavartin Cayamana.Slave girls,cattle & other precious metals were seized.There after the aryan leader Indra proclaimed "I have bestowed the earth upon Arya"[Rig Veda IV 26 2] 
That is "Book 6, Hymn 27, Verse 5"of Rig Veda names the city of Harappa by calling it Hariyupiya.However this place is never again mentioned in any other Rg Veda hymns.The site of this ruined city was not discovered until the 1920s, near a village bearing that name still



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