Origins of Tamils?[Where are Tamil people from?] PART :77

[Compiled by: Kandiah Thillaivinayagalingam]
The issue of the linkage between Africans and Dravidians is not something that can be dismissed as something that has no substance in it at all. Anyone who sees the Ethiopians and Tamils could see a remarkable physical resemblance and mistook some Ethiopians in fact for Tamils.Perhaps some Dravidian tribes at least,are people with intimate relationship with some Africans,a notion that deserves to be investigated further.Such studies were promoted at one time by the political leaders in Senegal and some books published by the anthropologist K.P. Aravanan,the Vice Chancellor of a university in Tamil Nadu owe to this.One of them is the collection of articles,some quite rare indeed and edited by K.P. Aravanan,and published under the title “Dravidians and Africans”.The book also contains many photographs that reveal the presence Muruka worship among the East Africans where the Vel,the Spear and the Mayil,the peacock are unmistakably similar to those in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.

Southern India is in the same latitude as Senegal,Mali,Niger,Chad,Sudan,Ethiopia and
Somalia.More than this,only the Indian Ocean separates the eastern coast of Africa from the south of India.As a matter of fact,geologists maintain that the Indian sub continent was formerly attached to East Africa.In this respect the findings of marine biology are of outstanding importance.

Also Tamil legends refer to the existence,from time immemorial,of flourishing cities long since buried beneath the seas.It might,however,be quite simply a vague memory of the universal flood to which the sangam tried to give a poetic interpretation in their oldest literary masterpieces,such as the silappathikaram.

It was on a tropical and subtropical area of the Old World,an area which in fact extended across India to Malaysia,but basically located on the African continent,that the evolution of the higher primates gradually took place.”

The excavations of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro have also brought to light the fact that Dravidian Civilization reigned supreme in the North-Western part of the sub-continent in a period about three to four millennia before the Christian era a period before what is termed the Aryan invasion of India.These factors have indicated the possibility of the Dravidians having come to India from the North -Western frontiers

If this is to be taken for granted,which part of the North-Western region did they come from? Who are the kinsmen of these Dravidians who were left behind or who might have migrated to some other direction? Are they related to the ancient races like Sumerian, Caucasion, Elamite, Basque etc? Or to the Negro-Africans who are now completely extinct by the onslaughts of other races and hence whose descendents now survive only in India?



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