Origins of Tamils?[Where are Tamil people from?] PART :76

 [Compiled by: Kandiah Thillaivinayagalingam]
Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley civilizations have long been compared throughout history and were both some of the earliest civilizations in the world.Mesopotamia,also known as,'the land between the rivers,' was named for the triangular area between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers.This area has been extended and now covers modern day Iraq,adding ancient Assyria and Babylonia to that land.The Indus civilization is often referred to as the Harappan civilization from the first city discovered called Harappa.The Indus civilization existed in the vast river plains of what are now Pakistan and northwestern India between the Indus and Ganges rivers from about 2800 BC to 1800 BC.Though these two territories had many things in common due to their surrounding geographies,they also differed in some fundamental ways such as government,and social system.

The Sumerian and Indus Valley civilization were distinctly different politically.While the Sumerians developed the world's first monarchy, the people from the Indus Valley may have developed the first democracy.However,their economies were quite similar.Both civilizations relied heavily on trade;in fact they appear to have traded extensively with one another.
Mesopotamian civilization had community baths in big cities only.Some portion of a houses was made of wood.Also both civilizations had a 'most important' or 'famous' building in each city that was built on a mound.The people of the Indus Valley were very peaceful compared to the Mesopotamians,so the weapons they used were mainly for agriculture.Language and Art were written on soft clay tablets/seals mainly on Religious literature such as prayers,rituals,etc

Mesopotamian had much more harsh punishments.This probably made the Mesopotamian's more careful with their actions and would therefore have less troublesome activities going on in their civilization.The Harappa were further behind the Mesopotamian's in technology. Even though the Harappa did have metal tools and a measuring system,the Mesopotamian's had many weapons and a calendar to help them.Having more tools and technology, the Mesopotamian's would definitely have a powerful advantage against Indus.

Their  geography is also different, Mesoptamia was not isolated like the Indus Valley.The Indus Valley people had many natural boundaries that protected them,this made them not get as advanced in war as Mesopotamia.This geographical difference made the difference in their wars.The Indus Valley did not have a need for weapons like Mesopotamia did.In conclusion, Mesopotamia would have beat the Indus Valley.Because,the Mesopotamians had more experience with fighting and war,therefore would have more knowledge about how to deal with an opponent and warfare.Also the Mesopotamians would have known what death and killing would have looked like due to their harsh rules and punishments.

When comparing art and language they are very different and similar.They both had a language that used symbols.Even though they used different symbols,they look similar.Their art forms are very different however,while the mesopotamians are building very large and grand buildings,the Indus valley people are building tiny statues.Also the Indus people relied more on precision,rather than the outstanding size of a structure.



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