Superstitious Beliefs Of Tamils/Part 05 B

[Frenzied veriyattam dance & talisman]
[Based on Tamil article "தமிழரின் நம்பிக்கைகள் :பகுதி 05 B"வேலன் வெறியாட்டம் & தாயத்து " published in]
When a young girl is afflicted with love and becomes sad and thin, her mother is disturbed. She has not heard from her daughter about her love. Unable to understand what’s going on, she invites the velan (Murukan temple priest) to come and cure her daughter of her disease.In some instances, the mother invites a female diviner (கட்டுவிச்சி) who advises her to bring the velan and perform veriyattam.The belief is that the Kurinji Thinai deity Murukan is angry with the young girl, and has caused this distress.He comes and performs ceremonies with offerings to appease Murukan in their front yard,in order to cure the young girl.He also performs the frenzied veriyattam dance.
Ainkurunuru 241, Kapilar, Kurinji Thinai – What the heroine’s friend said to her
"My friend with perfect teeth!
Mother invited the diviner
on seeing your distress.
Will he know of your friendship
with the man from the fragrant country?"
Ainkurunuru 244, Kapilar, Kurinji Thinai – What the heroine’s friend said to her
"May you live long, my friend!
If the diviner does not sing about
your hero from the mountain
country with fragrant cool groves
covered with abundant flowers,
what is the use of his ritual dance?"
A Talisman is an inscribed ring or stone,or any thing supposed to be endowed with magic powers, especially averting evil from or bringing good luck to its holder or possibly offer protection from evil or harm.It is also a charm or amulet which is capable of working wonders.Talismans are also found in the Vedas,in the Indus Valley Civilisation and among sangam Tamils.Ancient Tamils used talismans from young age. Tamil children were given talismans made up of tiger nails or tiger tooth. That gave them courage to fight the evil. Tamils called it Aimpatai Thali or simply Thayathu. Tamil Women wore talismans in yellow thread (Purananuru 127and Tamil epic Silappadikaram 1-47 & 4-50) when they got married.Tamil children had Aimpataith thali made up of five symbols: Vishnus’s conch,Chakra/wheel, Bow, Sword and Mace.Ref.Akam.54, Puram.77
Ainkurunuru 245, Kapilar, Kurinji Thinai – What the heroine’s
friend said to her 
"Our town’s elderly diviner
from an unfailing tradition
divines with kalangu beans,
gives you a talisman,
and explains that Murukan
is the reason for your affliction.
I wonder whether that description
will fit your greatly esteemed hero
who caused you this distress."
Ainkurunuru 247, Kapilar, Kurinji Thinai – What the heroine’s friend said to her
"I understand why mother brought
the diviner to your rich house
to perform rituals on new sand
and tie a talisman on your arm.
If he says Murukan
is the reason for your distress,
I would like to know if that’s the name
of your lover from the harsh mountain!"
[Kandiah Thillaivinayagalingam]
Part:06A will follow


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