An analysis of history of Tamil religion/Part:04

[By:Kandiah Thillaivinayagalingam]
Among the tamil saints/Saiva mystic (சித்தர்-siddhars-"perfected ones"] Thirumoolar a great Saivite saint,Thirumoolar's treatise,Thirumanthiram is a collection of 3027 hymns.This is the Basic for the Saiva Siddhanta Philosophy.Thirumoolar has written in his thirumanthiram 2104-"ஒன்றே குலம் ஒருவனே தேவன்/ There is only one Human Sect and there is only one God" ie "one caste and one God only" or oneness of God and oneness of all creeds in the whole world and again in thirumanthiram 2962-"ஒன்றுகண் டீர்உல குக்கொரு தெய்வமும் ஒன்றுகண் டீர்உல குக்குயி ராவது/One the God for worlds all,One is He,the life of worlds all "  & by this he united all Tamilians without caste discrimination.Any rationalist will accept it without any hesitation.Further,The concept of the Divine as Love or Love as God is clearly stated,In the following thirumanthiram:Here,Thirumular states that: 

"only the ignorant will think that love and Sivan are two different things; 
only few really understand that Sivan is nothing but love; 
once everyone understands that Sivan is nothing but love, 
everyone will become saintly." 

Hence, "அன்பே  சிவம்"“Anbe Sivam” - “Love itself is God-Siva” is the central theme of
Saivism as elaborated in Thirumular’s THIRUMANTHIRAM.Further  St. Thayumanavar says: The path proclaimed by all saints who have had the true vision, is the same everywhere "கங்குல்பக லற்றதிருக் காட்சியர்கள் கண்டவழி,எங்கும் ஒருவழியே எந்தாய் பராபரமே." and St. Sundarar says: I am the servant of those devotees even of other lands, who have reached the feet of God. "அப்பாலும் அடிச்சார்ந்தார் அடியார்க்கும் அடியேன்" and  St.MANIVACAKAR says:"By means of the creator’s grace, one sees the Lord and is freed from sorrow."அவன்  அருளாலே  அவன் தாழ்  வணங்கி" .Saivites wholeheartedly respect and encourage all who believe in god.They honour the fact that truth is one,paths are many.Since the inner intent of all religions is to bind man back to god,Shaivite seek not to interfere with anyone's faith or practice.They believe that there is no exclusive path,no one way for all.Shaivites profoundly know that god Shiva is the same supreme being in whole people of all faiths,who find solace,peace,and liberation.Shaivites respect all religious traditions and the people within them.It says 'Let is have concord with our own people and concord with people who are strangers to us.' It believe that every one of us can realize god in their own way,then we also have to accept that our way to god can not be the only way or the best way.Hence,It is not right to force one beliefs on another.It did not encourage or support any activities of forced conversion like,portuguese in India & Srilanka or some religious group still doing.

Saivism is a living and popular faith followed by more than 250 million people around the world today but its traditional bases are in India,particularly in South India.But historical fact shows that Siva & linga worship goes back to the period of Indus civilization 2500 B.C and even beyond.Dr. K. Loganathan more recently,through careful linguistic research of Sumerian literature has noted a close affinity so that not only Sumerian the proto-Tamil language but also the repertoire of Saiva Agamic traditions then in vogue in the Sumerian Temples.This important discovery makes our Saiva-Tamil [Dravidian] heritage almost contemporaneous or forerunners to the Babylonian and other ancient cultures in ancient Middle East,considered the cradle of human civilization.Let us all be proud of our ancient heritage and we appeal to scholars everywhere,particularly the Srilankan tamils and South Indians to continue their research into these areas which will be a source of encouragement to Saiva posterity,the world over.To recover our rightful place in world history Sumero-Dravidian studies is a must.Our freedom to pray in our sacred mother tongue is our birthright.Let us make it crystal clear that our crusade is not against our
Brahmin friends but it is against Brahmanism - just as our Saints Appar and Sambanthar fought against the imposition of Sanskrit and the caste system; just as Mahatma Gandhi fought and won against British Imperialism and just as Nelson Mandela fought and won against the Apartheid system in South Africa.Our Saiva Saints initiated the1500 -1300 year old crusade against Sanskrit and foreign culture as well as against the degrading system of caste,colour and creed imposed by Brahminism,a crusade that is still going on even today in 2016.What is historically relevant is that the long-standing Tamil Bhakti tradition,and maintaining our Saiva universal concepts of human equality (onre kulam) and God is love.It does not advise us to practice anything against nature.Some religions insisted and compelled people to become monks,even from the childhood.Some others,decried music,dance and other fine arts as well,saying that would tend to induce and stimulate carnal or physical pleasure and sexual passions.Going to forest,living in caves,keeping nude,hating and avoiding one’s near and dear relatives etc, were taught to be great noble austerities by some other religions and philosophies.But Saiva religion does not advocate such crude modes of self modifications.We cannot find any such teachings in Saiva religion and philosophy.It is very liberal,simple and does not go against nature.

However,If we know the origin of tamils or where they come from?,Then,We can also know the origin,and development of Siddhanta Philosophy or the origin & history of Tamil religion.Hence we are giving brief analysis of history of tamils in next chapter. 

Part/05 Will follow....... 


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